Sunday, 7 April 2013

April 6 2013

Today we went to a safari park. We left around 11am. So by the time we got there we wanted to see stuff before we ate.

We drove through the deer and bison enclosure first. There were some big horned deer there and bison are BIG!

Then it was time to go through the lions. As we had paid to come into the park we heard the girl on the checking desk tell us how someone had got out of their car and walked about with the lions. We all laughed. Thinking why would you do that. As we were driving into the lion enclosure I kinda saw why someone would wanna get out. Lions were just lying around enjoying the sun like big pussy cats. They were sleepy looking. And cute beyond all belief!

We drove on, past the camels. There was supposed to be rhino but we didn't see any. :-(

We got out of the car then and dandered round a bit. We saw the elephants, the zebra, the giraffes and then the lemurs. Those are some cute, soft furred creatures! A few of them came over to get cuddles!

Then we went on a boat ride round a chimp island. Five chimps, one male and four female. All fighting when we got there! The boat captain told us how they only feed the chimps a vegetarian diet but the chimps will kill any ducks or other birds that land on their island. Eeeeekkk

We walked back to the car at this point and had a picnic lunch.

Then more exploring. We saw more lemurs, river otters that for some reason followed me about, meerkats, then we bought a cupful of pellets and went and fed some chickens, pigs, llamas, miniature goats and donkeys and some ugly looking turkeys!

We saw a seal lion show and that was the safari park done and dusted!

Then we drove to Stirling castle. It was closed but we got to look around outside.

It was a great day.

I hope your day was even half as good. Cos then it would have been great.

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