Thursday, 11 April 2013

April 11 2013

Baby girl is home. Baby girl is home.


I missed her.

She had fun tho. So that's good.

She painted my nails with the cutest cupcakes.

Its cold tonight. I am snuggled up in bed. But it's still cold.

I went to the gym after work today. Things are starting to get easier there. Which means its time for my programme to get changed. I don't want it to change tho.

But change is good. Things can't get better without change. And every time my programme changes in the gym it shows I am getting a little bit fitter. Eventually I will be fit. But I am not there yet.

Have u kept up ur New Years resolution?

I made two. To go to the gym. And to do this blog. I am super proud of me for keeping both of them up.

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