Friday, 26 April 2013

April 26 2013

This is why ppl get divorced. This is why couples split up. Lack of communication. No talking. Huffing. Not following thru. Not doing what you say ur going to do.

I wanna scream.

I will however not do that. I will try to reopen communication and get things sorted.

It's not at the divorce stage but I can see how it would get there.

Sorry for missing yesterday. Hope u didn't miss me. I went to the gym after work. When I came home I was just too tired to play nice and put something up on here.

I went to the gym again tonight. I am starting to feel like all I do is go to work and go to the gym. Not quite sure where I actually live!

Work is busy. And then I go to the gym.

I work hard in both places.

To be honest I feel like I am getting nowhere with both of them. It's a slow slow progression. Theoretically I know I am moving forward. But it's not a quick progress.

Talk soon.

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