Wednesday, 17 April 2013

April 17 2013

Second yogalates class tonight. Felt slightly more into it and less like I was pretending. I still can't do half the poses correctly but I think that's because of my boobs. Dang but they get in the way of my forehead touching my knees!

It also feels a bit weird I wasn't at the gym. I kinda miss the workout but I was there yesterday and will be there again tomoro.

I can feel my legs getting stronger/more stretched. I am not quite sure what but they feel different. My thighs especially.

My tummy muscles are sore tonight too. The legs in air and lowering toward the ground kills my abs. I need to do more work on them!

Today was a good day tho.

I am healthy and getting healthier.

Plus we went for cupcakes at lunchtime. The Tea Boutique NI make the most delicious cupcakes. Look them up on Facebook.

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