Monday, 22 April 2013

April 22 2013

It's hard to find something great about today. It started with sleeping in, continued with getting shouted at and ended with me being sick.

Doesn't sound like a good day, does it?

However I have learned that even the darkest of days has a glimmer of light. R was so good to me today. He brought me water. Looked after me. Stayed quiet so as not to annoy me. Everything is annoying me this evening. Even his breathing!

Baby girl made dinner. Not that I had any but she made it anyway. Then she told me to go into my room and close the door. She didn't want to get sick too!

I don't get sick often but when I do it's kinda violent. Short lasting, usually only 24 hours at most. But projectile!

Today is no exception on that latter count anyway! Been sick now since half four. I had to leave work early, which I hate doing. I walked home as quick as I could, hoping I wouldn't vomit on the way!

I was lucky. I made it home first.

Lying in bed now. Trips to the bathroom my only outing. I hope I feel better in the morning but it doesn't feel finished yet.

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