Sunday, 21 April 2013

April 21 2013

Today I had decided to go to pump class. I checked the gym timetable for when it started, got there on time to discover the timetable was wrong and the class was nearly over. :-(

I did a workout in the gym anyway but my heart wasn't in it.

I came home, pottered about the house. Baby girl made sandwiches for lunch. Then we went to the cinema to watch The great and powerful Oz. I think they both enjoyed it. I had seen it before.

Then home again. I made dinner we ate at the table together, as we usually do. R cleaned up and we watched a bit of TV before bed.

Do u eat dinner together at the table? Do u eat as a family or does everyone do their own thing?

I like that we eat together. We chat about our day. We consider the pit and the peak and share things that have happened.

It's nice to know we have this time to talk.

I have always tried to have family time at the dinner table. It encouraged baby girl to eat properly when she was younger. Making it easier for her to eat in restaurants too.

It always made time that she knew we could talk without TV interruptions. I would listen to her tales about school. She would listen to my tales about work. Now R joins in telling stories and sharing tales about his day.

It's an important part of our day.

If u don't do it yet, give it a try. Your family will luv it. Eventually.

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