Thursday, 18 April 2013

April 18 2013

Gym again today. I am really pushing my cardio. Trying to anyway.

I did 10 mins on the bike. 30 mins on machines and free weights. 12 mins on the crosstrainer. 5 mins on the stepper. 10 mins on the treadmill.

I was kinda tired after.

My wee bro works as a trainer and looked over my programme. He says it is ok.

He is staying in my house tonight and tomoro. I am going to Donegal tomoro so will have to do my blog before I go. Or when I come home. Do u mind if its late? Does anyone even read this?

I packed my bag for Donegal. It's a carry on size rucksack. And it's full! For one night! All cos I need to bring a dressing gown!

It's gonna be my first night away from R since we got married. In fact my first night away from him in three years. :-(

Do u spend nights away from ur partner?

How do u cope?

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