Saturday, 9 February 2013

February 9 2013

Today was a luvly day. I slept late (10.30) then walked to the shop, had breakfast, watched tv then went to the gym for an hour.

When R came home from work we went to pick up boy.

Then me, R, baby girl and boy went for dinner at Blue Chicago Grill, and we went to see Warm Bodies. I read the book last week and baby girl finished it the day after me. We enjoyed the book. I thought the film was pretty good too.

Dinner was gorgeous. I had chicken strips and baby back ribs and big chunky chips.

R had a Hawaiian burger and French fried onion rings.

Baby girl was good and had a chicken wrap.

Boy had a burger and chunky chips.

Then three of us had desert.

I had strawberry pavlova. R had chocolate fudge cake. Boy had double chocolate muffin. And they all came with ice cream.


We then went to visit R's parents.

Now we are home. Watching Enchanted on DVD and about to open a bottle of Mo√ęt. I am a lucky girl.

I hope your day was just as good as mine.

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