Sunday, 10 February 2013

February 10 2013

What a day!

I woke early, without a hangover :-) and had breakfast. Then I went to the gym.

After that I came home, helped R with the cleaning and then me, R, baby girl and boy went out for the afternoon.

We went to do archery. Baby girl didn't really like it but she did try. And actually got an arrow in the gold!

I started out not too good, but after some instruction from R I fixed my stance, and actually started hitting the target. And with more practice I got it in the gold circle. Quite a few times.

I think I might be good at archery with a bit more practice.

Boy did really well too. He seems to enjoy it.

After we went to a few shops.

Then we left boy home.

Then we came home. I made dinner. And after I had a long relaxing bath.

Overall a good day.

Enjoy ur Sunday.

It's Monday again tomoro and another week of work!

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