Monday, 25 November 2013

25 November 2013

Yesterday I witnessed a car accident.  A car knocked over a couple who were crossing the road.

It was terrible.

The impact knocked the man right out of his shoes.

Ever since I cannot stop thinking about it.  I see it happening repeatedly in my head.  I cried so much last night thinking of those poor people and their families.

Everyone concerned will be scarred from this.

I do not even know how the couple are.  They were alive when the ambulance took them away, but now?  I don't know.  There has been nothing on the news.

I am left with a feeling of incompleteness.  I don't know how this story ends.  And it is eating me up.

How do you live with that?  The poor driver who knocked them over must be feeling terrible.  But not as terrible as the families of those who were hit. 

The stories about what happened have been making their way as rumours round and about.  Why do people tell stories about things like this?  Why are we all such ghouls that we want to be a part of such a horific incident?

My heart is breaking for that couple.  Did they argue with their loved ones before going out?  Have they made peace about wrongs done to them in the past?  Have they left people wishing they had spread love and joy or are there people at home now thinking "the last thing I said was I hate you". 

If you love someone don't think that you can tell them tomoro.  Tell them now.  Tell them every day.

Don't let things fester.  Apologise if you are in the wrong.

Forgive things if someone has apologised to you.

Love people.

You never know when you won't get the chance.

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