Wednesday, 20 November 2013

20 November 2013

Somedays I just cannot be annoyed.  Last night me and R had a disagreement, over nothing at all, but I huffed like a child and slept on the couch.

Except I didn't sleep.  I just lay on their, snuggled up in a blankie and a duvet and watched TV.  At 5 this morning I decided enough was enough, I got up, got washed and dressed, had my brekkie and took myself off to work.  I was in work from 7.30.  I DO NOT START UNTIL 9!

So when lunchtime rolled around I was a wee bit hungry.  So I stuffed myself with chips and a sandwich, yup I had both.  Now to any American readers I mean french fries and hmmm what do you call sandwiches?  I always think a sandwich in America is a burger here, so what do you call sandwiches?  You know two pieces of bread with some ham and tomato in the middle?  Someone enlighten me.


Yeah I was hungry. 

Its after five now.  I have the gym this evening, Zumba and Kettlebells and I am just in the mood to curl up and sleep.

I hope I find some energy somewhere.

How do you cope after being up too long and needing to go to the gym?

How do you cope after arguing with your other half.  Especially when you know it was over nothing.  :-(

Good thing tho, baby girl is making dinner tonight.  So when I get home from the gym my dinner will be sitting waiting on me.

Bad thing, that will be after eight tonight.  I forsee eating dinner whilst snoozing!!

Catch you later.....

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