Monday, 4 March 2013

March 3 2013

It was a lovely day today so me and R decided to go for a walk.  We got our hiking boots on and drove to Divis Mountain. 

Getting there, after calling at the shop for emergency provisions of chocolate and fruit loaf, it was a clear and slightly chilly day.  There was a tarmaced path (always handy) and quite a lot of people about.

There were also three horses running along the path, not in the field, but actually on the path we needed to walk on.  I hold me hands up, I was nervous.  Horses are BIG!!!

But we managed to walk past them without incident.  We got about half to two thirds of the way up the mountain when it was time to turn back and come back down, about 40 mins walk up and then it took about 30 mins walking back down.

However on the way down the horses weren't quite as docile.  There were a few more dogs running around barking and I think the horses got spooked.  Just as we were getting to the gate to leave the nature resrve and go back to the car park a little Cocker Spaniel ran barking under the feet of the horses, and got a kick to the mouth.  Needless to say all the people around were shocked, mothers turned back out of the gate with their children and I think even the horse was shocked, he kept looking at the wee dog as it lay on the ground with blood coming out of its mouth.  The owner cleaned it up, we gave him some water and left, slightly shaken.  The owner came out just after us, stating his dog was okay, but he wasn't going to walk him there today.

I think that if the horses hadn't been there it would have been a nice walk, but that shook me.

We will probably go again tho.  I think that the views from the top would be AMAZING.

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