Wednesday, 27 March 2013

March 26 2013

It is payday today. Whoop whoop.

We went shopping. Baby girl got new clothes and a pair of boots.

Then we went for dinner. Boy is still at our house.

Then me and boy went to the cinema and watched 'Stolen'. Not sure about it. It was good. But not brilliant.

We walked home. Watched a bit of TV. Then R came home. He has been working late these past few nights. I feel like I haven't seen him.

Is it sad I miss my husband when he works late? I miss baby girl when she's not here too. I must love them or something ;-)

We are all in bed now. It's after midnight. I am tired but can't sleep. I suppose that's a good thing. I get to write this. :-)

I still don't think I have found my voice on here. I am not sure what I want to write about, how much I want to share, whether or not anyone is actually reading and if they aren't, do I care about that?

I read a few blogs and my favourite ones are people based, they talk about their lives. I like the pretty pictures but they aren't the ones I go to first, so if I am to be the kind of blog I would want to read I should share a little more of my life and feelings.

But do I want to? Does anyone care?

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