Friday, 29 March 2013

March 28 2013

I got my assignment in. Not sure how good it is. But I did it.

I got new contact lens today. Slightly different prescription but no big change. It's nice not to have to wear glasses all the time. Do u wear glasses or lens? Which do u prefer? My glasses are pretty cool. They are purple and chunky and funky. But I prefer to wear lens.

I went to the gym again too. I am trying to regain the motivation I lost. Did u find it? Still at least I am still going. That's three months now. That's really good going for me! Especially as it started as a kind of New Year resolution thing.

I suppose this has been going just as long. My #365 project is going strong!

Did u try a #365 project?

How is it going?

Baby girl is still at her cousins house. I miss her :-(

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