Thursday, 28 March 2013

March 27 2013

Do u procrastinate? Or are u one of those that gets things done when they come in?

I am the former. I leave things to the last minute. For example I have an essay due in tomoro. I wrote about half of it today. I meant to do some more when I came home from work, but I decided to watch TV instead.

I wish I worked better.

I want to be one of those who work well to deadlines, priotising, making and sticking to plans and getting things done in time.

But I am so not. My nephew laughed at me yesterday and told me I will never grow up. It's true. I have never wanted to be grown up. Grown ups are boring.

However, today was a good day.

I went to the gym and got weighed and measured. I lost another couple of pounds and an inch and a half. That's pretty good.

Tho, the gym is going to have a 'Biggest Loser' competition. I have entered. I want to win. Please help me. Encourage me. Send me recipes and ideas for keeping active.

Thank you

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