Friday, 1 March 2013

February 28 2013

Yay. Tonight I remembered!

What happened today?

It was a tough day at work. Sometimes you get days like that. They are just filled with awkward phone calls and busy work that never seems to get finished.

But I have a job. Many don't and I am grateful for that.

I went to the gym tonight. Legs, bums and tums. It's a tough class. 45 mins on the step, and off the step, and on the step. You get the gist?

Then 15 mins of core work, crunches, planks, and the like!

I don't particularly like the class. It's hard work. But if it wasn't hard it wouldn't get results.

I watched some Australian Masterchef. It made me hungry!

Then I went to bed. It's late now and I don't feel like sleeping. Baby girl is staying in S's house.

Suppose I better get some shut eye. Tomoro comes early and I think S wants to go to the gym at lunchtime tomoro.


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