Tuesday, 28 January 2014

28 January 2014

Last night I ran for one mile, without stopping.

One mile.

I didn't run fast, but I did run the whole way.  Well, I jogged, but that's just running slowly.

I remember starting to think about running last year when I joined the gym.  After six months at the gym some of the girls were thinking about running the marathon, and I thought to myself, I wish I could do that, even just run one leg of the relay.  But I wasn't fit enough.  I was very overweight and I jut couldn't run the length of myself, let alone run for 6 miles.

I kept working at the gym, I improved my fitness.  I am still overweight, but less so than before.

This year I joined a C25K programme.  They told me by the end of ten weeks I could run a 5k.  Thats 3 miles.  I laughed, and said, "Nope, not me, but I will try".  And I have tried.  I have went every Monday and Wednesday and each time I try a little more.

On Wednesday I was running for four lampposts and walking for two.  Then on Friday I went for a run with R.  He pushed me hard, and I ran for longer than I had before without stopping. 

So on Monday past I decided to see if I could run for a bit, we run along the avenue in Wallace Park, its about 1/2 mile.  I decided to try to run the length of it, and when I got to the bottom, I just turned and kept running.  I ran a mile and was so excited.  I then walked/ran for another two miles.

Me....three miles of running and walking/running.

Thats practically 5k. 

I think I can call myself a runner now..don't u?

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