Tuesday, 21 January 2014

21 January 2014

Short and sweet update for you all.

Yesterday was the most miserable day of the year so far, I hope you found something worth smiling for.

The 5th session of the C25K programme was last night, I upped my game (slightly) to running for three lampposts, walking two, for about half of the 23 mins.  It was hard, but I reckon I can push myself harder.  Next time (Wednesday) I am going three running, walking two for the whole thing.  It is 25 mins on Wednesday...EEEKKKK  I need to be running more than I am walking soon.  (Or I will never get there)

Have you ever tried running?  What are your tips for a novice?

My diet is going terribly, I am still so tired and grumpy all the time.  And hungry!!  All I do is crave carbs.  But i am putting my big girl pants on and trying again, trying harder and lets see a real difference this week.  I can do it for a week...can't I??

Update you all soon.


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