Monday, 3 March 2014

I'm getting fit and healthy not skinny

When I started my weightloss journey that was what it was...i wanted to lose weight.  I wanted to be a smaller size in jeans, I wanted to be a smaller number on the scales.

Since then I have changed.....yes it has been a gradual change, it has happened as I have lost dress sizes and the number on the scales has gone down.

Now its not about those numbers on the scale.  I can honestly say I don't care what they say.  I go by the numbers on the measuring tape.  I go by the number on how far I have ran, or how much weight I lifted, or how fast I ran, or how long it took in class before i had to stop for a break.

I go by how much I worked when I was in class or the gym. 

I go by how much sweat I was covered in when I left the gym.

How do you judge things??

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