Tuesday, 18 March 2014

18 March 2014


Well I completed the 5k.  It took me under 44 minutes, 2 seconds under 44 minutes but that was a great result for me.

I had given myself a time of 1hour, if I finished within that I would have been happy.

My husband and my best friend came to cheer me on.

I was ready to go, even tho I was super nervous and scared.  Me and my running buddy got to the starting line, and we were off.

The first lap was hard, I didn't think we were going to be able to do it.  We had warmed up properly and even did a short run to get the muscles warmed up and the blood flowing.  But my legs just didn't want to run.

I had to stop first.  Me, I can run, but my legs were telling me NO.  BUt we picked ourselves up and started running again.

The first hill was hard, running on the flat is obviously different from running downhill, so going up that hill made every muscle in my legs scream, but we kept going, cos after the uphill comes the downhill.  The downhill, and the flat bit after it gets quite a bit of the lap covered, and knowing that is coming up makes the uphill just that little bit easier.

The second lap was hard, but we knew we only had one more lap to go.

The third lap I thought the muscles in my legs were just going to get up and leave me there, flapping on the ground.  Every muscle was screaming at me.

But we kept going, we did the final hill, the final downhill, then it was the last run toward the finish line.

At this point we had been lapped by everyone we figured we were coming in last.  But we didn't care, we were going to finish and thats all that mattered.  But that last bit was hard.  Both me and my running buddy were sore at this point.  We were ready to give up and walk (or crawl) to the finish line.

But then one of our trainers came running back from the finish line toward us.  Everyone else turned to see up and started cheering for us, encouraging us, keeping us going.

The trainer came back and ran beside us, keeping us going, giving us that last push we needed to get over the line.

The cheers were so loud from everyone that had already finished that it felt like I had ran and finished first in a big race.

I did it.

I finished a 5k.

I was so proud of myself, and so proud of my running buddy too.

We went out after to celebrate and it was good.

But boys oh dear, my ankle has not been the same simce.

My muscles were fine, my hips were fine, but my left ankle has decided it hates running and keeps telling me very clearly.

I haven't managed to get to the gym since the race on Saturday, and I didn't go to training last night.

I am going to the gym tonight tho, and training again tomoro.

I am a runner now.

And I feel great (sore ankle and all!!)


  1. So awesome! Keep doing it! It's amazing what your body can do! Soon you'll be doing 10k's and half marathons!

    1. Thanx Jamie, it isn't easy, but it is AMAZING what a body can do if you push it. Thanx for the words of encouragement x