Wednesday, 5 March 2014

5 March 2014

Another day, another run.

It amazes me sometimes that I have all this time to go to the gym and train or to go running.

I think to myself...what did I do before?  I still have enough time to watch TV and to read, to meet my friends, to work and eat and where did the extra time come from?

I have more energy now.

I can go for longer.

I can go harder.

I can go further.

It feels bloody great!!!

The harder you train the better you get.  The better you get the harder you can train.

It feeds itself.

I train hard so that I have more energy to train.  I eat a lot so I can train harder, so I can do more, so that I can eat more.

But I eat smart.

I make healthy choices.  And if I slip up I don't beat myself up about it.  I just make a healthy choice next time.

I train hard 4-5 times per week in the gym, doing an hour in the gym (20 mins cardio, 40 mins weights) or doing an hours class (Pump and spin, Tae Bo, Tabata circuits) and I run 3 miles with a group twice a week.  I have just started running for a mile 3 mornings a week too. 

My life does not suffer now that I am training.  My social life isn't suffering.

I can just do more now.

Cos I train.

And I have more energy.

What's your excuse?

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