Thursday, 31 October 2013

5 things I'd rather do than celebrate Hallowe'en

Trick or treating isn't really what is says on the tin, is it?  Kids come to ur door, all dressed up, you give then sweets.  They look at you dissapointed that you didn't give them money.  They all go home and discuss which house gave out the best stuff.  All the monkey nuts get thrown out for the birds, the sweets get eaten and the parents have a hard time getting the kids to settle down and go to bed.

Who wouldn't want that?

Instead...why not do something?

1. Spend time as a family.  Watch a movie together.  The Nightmare before Christmas is a great movie.  Why not settle down, as a family, snuggled up under a cosy blanket with some popcorn, and relax.

2. Go to a fireworks display.  The kids can run around, get scared, stay out in the dark, and feel they have done something fun.  Then you can get them home and into bed and they will be so grateful to be cosy and warm after being outside all evening that they will settle quickly and go to sleep.

3. No kids?  No worries.  Why not go out for a meal in your favourite restaurant, there won't be any kids in tonight making noise so its win win.

4. Turn all ur lights off, so the pesky kids don't knock your door, and go and have a long candlelit bath.  With wine of course.

5. Leave your lights on, encouraging children to knock your door trick or treating, but dress up and when they knock open the door dressed as something freaky...see how many kids you can scare before they stop knocking ur door!!


  1. I want to do number 4 too....and number 5?! HILARIOUS! Stopping by from Erin's today:)

  2. A cozy movie night sounds perfect!