Wednesday, 16 October 2013

16 October 2013

Hi blog world

Its been a busy time for me recently.

My gran was unwell, then unfortunately passed away.  We all really miss her.

Then I went on holiday to Spain.

Last night we wemt to see Jessie J in concert.

My gran was the type of women that you would want to be.  She was strong.  She had balls.  She had opinions, and spoke them.  She taught us to stand up for ourselves and not to take anyone BS!!

She learned to drive when she was nearly 70, what kind of woman does that?

She had an active social life, going on cruises, on holidays, to dances, to play bowls and out shopping and for meals regularly.

She was simply out AMAZING.

Spain was good too.  Although it wasn't as warm as it can be during the summer season it was still warm enough to walk about comfortably in shorts and t shirt.  We wemt to the pool, the beach, we walked about Barcelona, Blanes and lots of other places.  We went to museums and we ate out a lot.

Me and R.  :-) <3

We had fun.  :-)
Just walking down through the streets, you will spot the coolest buildings

The view from the castle in Malgrat de Mar

The castle in Lloret de Mar

Just one of the lovely things we had to eat
A yummy desert

The castle in Lloret de Mar, which is actually a private residence.  Who lives in a castle??

The Arc de Triumph in Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona

Gaudi building in Barcelona

Jessie J was great.  She started with a bang, didn't stop for an hour and a half then left us wanting more!  A really great concert experience. 

Plus we were the first date in her first ever arena tour!  And she cried!!

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