Thursday, 17 October 2013

Look around you.

Sometimes we forget to look around and actually see what is around us. 

When we go on holiday we take pretty pictures of the new surroundings, we take pics from our hotel room window, and pics of the lovely countryside and pics of the beach.  How many of you take those same kind of pictures in your own country?  How many of you have looked around and really appreciated where you live? 

I was looking through my memory on my phone today and realised I have all these pictures from the country I live, and no one else gets to see them.

Perfect I thought, my blog today is sorted. :-)

These pictures have all been taken in Northern Ireland.  It is a beautiful place and I am happy that i live here and get to look at its beauty every day.  I love going on holiday and seeing new things, but I love coming home again.

Recently R and I have been talking about moving, upping sticks and going to another country.  He pointed out, however, that he would miss the views and countryside here.  So maybe we won't go.  Who knows?

The source of the Lagan

Hillsborough Lake

Giants Causeway

Dundrum Bay

North Coast, Antrim

Road in Annalong

Mourne Mountains, Annalong


White Rocks Beach, North Coast

Dark Hedges (Recognise this from GOT?)

Mourne Mountains, Newcastle

Oxford Island

Oxford Island


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful message, thanks for sharing! x

    1. Thank you, you have some gorgeous pictures on your blog too. The colours on your pictures are amazing! x