Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Three months off? I'm going travelling

In the second episode of #Blogtember we are asked to describe what we would do with three months off from our current life.

Well that one is easy!

I would go travelling. 

I have been on Facebook now for a few years and have a world full of really close online friends, with three months off (and the money) I would go visit them all.

I have met a couple already, and they are like my sisters now.  We share online, and visit regularly.  But there are still a few I have yet to meet.

Last year a friend from New Zealand flew around the world to stay with me, R and baby girl.  We have chatted online for a few years, Skyped occasionally, but never met.  And she had the courage to jump on a plane, fly halfway across the world and come stay with me.

Next year I go to see her.  I cannot wait.

But with three months off, I would go see others too.  I have a great friend in Canada, who I talk to daily, and a girl in Australia who I would love to meet.  There are even a couple in USA that I have to catch up with in real life one day.  England even holds a few beauties I want to meet.  Time is the issue!  There is always something else happening, somewhere I need to go, things I need to do.  I don't get to meet these people.  But one day, you mark my words...everyone on my Facebook will be real life friends, and not online ones. 

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