Monday, 16 September 2013

I climbed a mountain

The prompt today was to write a public love letter to someone.

Mine is to the me from a year ago.

Dear Tina,

Sometimes a girl just has to be proud of herself.  This is one of those days :-)

You completed the 14 mile Mourne walk on Saturday, and I could not be more pleased with you. 

You trained hard.

I believed you could.

And you did it.


I love the new you.  I love that you have trained hard, tried hard, and never given up.

I believed that you could, but you doubted yourself.

Look at you now.  Believe in more things.

Believe in yourself.

The sky really is the limit!
The view from the saddle of Slieve Donard, looking away from Newcastle

The Castles, the scariest part of the walk
Silent Valley

Hares Gap

Hare's gap


  1. A fourteen mile walk over those mountains! Wow! Well done! You are so right to be proud of yourself. :-)