Friday, 6 September 2013

Climbing the walls


Tell a story about a time when you were very afraid.

Well this one is EASY!

When baby girl was younger she used to sit in her high chair nd eat cut up bits of food.  If you are a mum I am sure you know what I mean.  You put them in their chair, with a toy or two, and a few cubes of cheese, slices of apple, pieces of bread, whatever, then you can get on with the housework, or watch the TV, or read.

This particular day I was watching TV, with baby girl beside me in the chair, as she ate an apple, all cut up into manageable chunks.

Or so I thought.

The chunks were obviously a strange size, too small to be bit and chewed and too big to be swallowed.

Cos this one piece of apple stuck in her throat.

I still get chills thinking about it.

She was happily chatting away next to me, then she went quiet.  Very quiet.

If you are a mum this is a warning sign...something is going on.  Usually it means trouble or mischief, but this time she was choking.

I lifted her out of the chair and did everything I was supposed to do, I checked her wee mouth, I tried to get her to cough, I put her over my knee and patted her back.

I panicked a bit more, I stuck my fingers down her throat to try and get the apple.

My sister tried the same.

Baby girl started to go blue.

My mum grabbed her off me, as me and my sister literally climbved the walls, and stuck her very long and pointed nails down baby girl's throat, pushing the apple down and out.  Baby girl took a gigantic breath and we all cried.

A lot.

Without a doubt the time when I was most afraid.