Friday, 23 August 2013

23 August 2013


Today I wore a dress to work, so what I hear you say...well I usually wear trousers, and a t shirt.  I have my hair tied back in a pony tail.  I do not dress up.

Everyone in work keeps telling me how well i look.  Its getting kinda embarrassing now!  I dunno about you but when ppl tell me I look good today, I think, why?  Did I not look good yesterday?  I am learning to say thank you and then not say anything else.  But it is difficult.  How do you react to compliments?  Can you accept them graciously or do you feel the need, like I do, to instantly put urself down.  Yes my dress is luvly but look at the state of my hair!  That kind of thing.

It is nice tho, I have worked hard at the gym and eight months down the line I am getting to the place where I can wear tighter fitting clothes and feel okay about it.  :-)

Its nice to feel good.

And its luvly that other ppl tell me I am looking good.

Thank you.

In case you are interested it is the dress that I tried on back in January and wrote about  here

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