Thursday, 1 August 2013

1 August 2013

Hi blog readers, have I told you recently how happy I am that you show up and check out my ramblings?  Well I am happy.  So thank you.

Have you ever had a session with a personal trainer?  I have had one on one sessions with the trainers from my gym, and that is hard work.  On Tuesday however a personal trainer from some place else came into the gym and I had an hour session with her.  OMGoodness, my arms have been killing me since.  Nothing else is sore, she had been up my cardio so I did the treadmill on a steeper incline than I usually do and for a little longer than I usually do.  But that was okay.  The other exercises she made me do, hard at the time, but doable.  The bicep curls...I knew they would come back to bite me in the butt.  It was sore at the time and two days later it is still sore.  I feel that someone has ripped my biceps off my arm and just left them hanging.  Now they are trying to reattach themselves and it hurts.  It hurts to move my arms at all.  This pain is not good!!

When I went into the gym yesterday (yes I went back again) the personal trainer said she obviously didn't work me hard enough as I wasn't all sore. 

No thank you mrs, sore arms is bad enough, if I had more pain I am not sure I could function at all!!

On the downside I don't think I am working hard enough at the gym.  I lost 3lb this month.  Yes I know that is great and its 3lb off my body, but it's crap.  I should be able to lose more.  So this month I am going to try a lot harder to be better about my food (and drink) choices and to work harder at the gym.  I want to try and lose 1st this month.  I am not sure I can do it, but the personal trainer seemed to think it was doable.

She has recommended no carbs after 5pm.  I don't usually get home from work/the gym until 7 or 8, so this could be difficult.  She has said that I should eat more carbs during the day and at night just have chicken and a load of green veg.  Thats what I did last night...we will see how this goes!!

On a more positive note it was R's birthday on Tuesday.  32 years old.  I still feel extremely blessed that he is mine.  I am so grateful that we are married.  This is the happiest and most content I have ever felt.  R and baby girl are the most brilliantest ppl in the world and I am very lucky that I get to be part of their lives.  And yes, I tell them daily.  :-)

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