Thursday, 6 June 2013

June 6 2013

It is Summer.

The weather is amazing, we actually have sunshine, and it is warm!  Miracles will never cease to happen.

I live in Northern Ireland and to be honest we don't see the sun that often.  We do, however have a lot of rain.  When it does happen all the pasty white legs come out on show.  Blokes take their tops off, let their beer bellies hang out and walk about with their t-shirts tucked into the back of their shorts.  Girls wear short short and vest tops. 

I just don't understand it.

Tho it is funny to see all the tangoed girls wandering around with bright orange feet.  :-)

As for myself, once it gets warm (for that one random week) I find it difficult trying to decide what to wear to work.  My usual work uniform is black trousers, black shoes, a top and a cardigan.  But its WAY too warm to be doing that.  So I wore a pair of camel coloured trousers a top and sandals yesterday.  Today I am wearing a dress.  And I have bare legs.  I know, its shocking isnt it!!

I am feeling all hot and bothered.  I cannot be annoyed with work.  I want to be sitting outside, walking on a beach, playing frisbee, attending a music festival.  Really anything other than being in work. 

What do you like to do when the weather is nice?

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