Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Giving back

I don't know about you, but I feel tht things are pretty good for me most times.  I have a great daughter, a good relationship with my husband, great family and friends around me, a house and a job.  We do okay.

Since I was younger, once I got my life on track I started to give back.  I volunteered at a charity shop a couple of days per week.  I did this right through university, and when baby girl got old enough she helped out too.

Once I started working full time it was harder, but I still did an occasional shift, I liked to think I was doing a little bit to make someone else's life better.

I volunteer with a couple of organisations now.  ALT, Adventure Leadership Training, (check them on Facebook) and Urban Angels.

ALT is a Christian organisation that brings sporting activities to local church groups, youth clubs, schools etc that couldn't usually afford to hire people in.  They provide climbing wall, archery, kayaking and football training.  I help with the climbing wall.  R is an archery instructor.

Urban Angels is a group of women who want to help other women.  They do many things, from organising Christmas boxes for local hospitals, to donating underwear to local shelters.

Last night we went into a women's refuge and treated them.  We bought in goodies to eat and drink.  We provided neck massages, facials, nail painting and pedicures.

Baby girl came with us. 

It was amazing how we touched these women.  They could not believe we were giving our time to give them some TLC.

It was an amazing night and we were privildged to do it.

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