Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June 19 2013

Do you ever do stuff and then wonder why?  Ever got halfway through something and stopped to ask yourself why you ever started?

That is me, everytime I decide that cleaning out the cupboard is a good idea, or sorting through my drawers to see which clothes I don't wear (the answer to that would be any clothes still in the drawer, since I am super messy and tend to keep my clothes on top of my drawers!!).

Monday night I was at the gym, working on the legs part of my three day programme.  Yesterday I was going out for dinner for a friend's birthday.  Hence I couldn't go to the gym to do my boxing class.  I did not bring my gym stuff.  Halfway through the day I got an attack of the guilts.  How could I go to dinner if I hadn't gone to the gym?  So I phoned baby girl to bring up my gym clothes, and I left work early to go to the gym.  I did the circuits part of my programme.  Then I went to dinner and ate without stressing myself. 

Now, that's weird behaviour.  Admit it.  I have.  I am going to the gym again tonight. 

Three nights in a row...maybe the girl in work who said I was going to the gym too much was right...but I "only" lost 1lb this week.  I know that's a good and healthy amount and that I have been loosing consistently, blah, blah, blah,  BUT I WANT TO LOSE MORE.

Ok, I said it.  I want to get this excess weight away.  So I will eat slightly more healthily and I will go to the gym more.  And I will do it.  (Even if it kills me)

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