Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I have been hitting it hard at the gym.  I have been four days out of the last five.  I am sore.

My legs hurt in places I didn't even know there were muscles.

My shoulders hurt.

My tummy hurts.

And I am complaining a lot.

HOWEVER I will be there again tomoro.

And on Saturday I am doing 2 hours in a charity spinathon to raise money for Women's Aid.

My resolution is to work harder (and smarter) at the gym this year.

That and I want to get a 50,000 MEPs T shirt.

Are any of you using Myzone?  Do you have a belt?

I love mine.  It records my heart rate, tells me which zone I am in and gives me points as to how hard i worked out.  It rewards effort and not fitness.  Each person's belt is fitted to them, and to their fitness level.

I have 20,000 or so MEPs so far (I started in May 2014) and I want to have 50,000 by the end of the summer.  I WANT MY T SHIRT.

Its one of those "I earned it" T shirts, like an Insanity T shirt.  I can't buy one, I only get it if I earn it.

Well I will!

I hope.

What are you doing?

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