Tuesday, 4 February 2014

4 February 2014

Last night we took that C25K and went right out of the park.  Now I don't know about you, but I was scared enough when I was running in the park, in the dark, where no one could see me.  When the trainers told us yesterday that we were leaving the park to run on the streets I kinda freaked a little.  People were out there, possibly people I know.  They might see me!!

But I pulled my big girl pants up and decided to go for it.

Me and my running friend were at the back of the pack, as usual, its where we like to be, and we were taking it easy.  We ran the first part of it in the park, then we came to the gates...it was time to GO OUTSIDE.  But we just did it, we continued chatting, then one of the trainers caught up with us and chatted for a while.  The trainers are so super encouraging, getting us to run a little further, or try a little harder.  We were going along nicely when we came to a hill.  It was a steep enough hill that I used to struggle walking it.  But I jogged it.  Right up it.  And I wasn't even wrecked when I got to the top.  The trainer had walked up it with my running buddy and when they got to the top they were all "Well look at you who ran up the hill".  I was buzzing!!!

We ran on and caught up with a friend who completed the C25K programme last time round.  She had heard, I still don't know how, that I had ran up the hill and was so excited for me.

Its great having support.  The people who are training us, and the people who went through the programme last time round are so encouraging, it just makes things a little easier.

If you are thinking about running, my advice is JUST DO IT. 

Yes it can be hard, yes you will be in pain, but take it at your own pace.

Don't go too hard, too fast or too much.

You can do it.

Cos I can do it.

And believe me, if you saw me you would appreciate that statement a whole lot more.

I am not the fittest person in the world, I am not the slimmestt person in the world.

But I try my hardest, I work at it, and I am getting there.

This isn't a race to be won quickly, its not a sprint.

This is an endurance challenge. 

I am changing my whole life.

I am becoming fitter every day.

I am running three times per week.

I will get there.

PS me and my running buddy are thinking of doing our first 5k race on 15th February.  EEEEKKKKK 

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