Wednesday, 12 February 2014

12 February 2014

Today I type with sore chest muscles and shoulders, and tops of arms too.

I have been doing a bit of weights for my upper body, and boys a dear I can feel it!!

Do u lift weights when you train at the gym?  Or do u just do cardio?

I do a mixture, start with a bit of cardio (10-15 mins) then weights (about 30 mins) then cardio to finish off (About 5-10 mins).  Or I do cardio (30-45 mins) and no weights.  Or I try to run (2-3 miles).  I have one day off a week where I do nothing.  Well, honestly I still get out and about but that is my "rest day".

I can see my arms really starting to tone up, and my legs.  My sides are starting to come in body shape is changing slightly, I know the more I work at it the better it will be.

I'm just not sure if Joe Bloggs off the street would be able to notice all this toning yet!

R was laughing at me this morning.  I was complaining that my arms etc were sore from lifting the weights, then I managed to rip the zip right off my boots.  He says I may be sore but I have gained superhuman strength!  I was not impressed.  I liked these boots and now they have no zip!

The weather has been cold and rainy here recently, but I look around the weather news from other places and feel very lucky.  We haven't had the snow and ice that America has, we haven't had the floods that England has.  Yeah its chilly and wet here in Northern Ireland,but its not too bad.

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