Monday, 8 July 2013

July 8 2013

This weekend has been manic.  On Friday me and R were off work, so for fun we drove to the Mournes and climbed a mountain or two!  Now admittedly there weren't amazingly large mountains, but they were mountains.  Way to go me.

On Saturday the weather was so good I sat out in the garden.  I did a bit of weeding.  But mostly I read my book, the paper, and listened to music.

I didn't feel so bad just sitting about since I had went to the gym on Saturday morning.


On Saturday evening we went to my sister's house.  My youngest sister graduated this past week so we celebrated.  To be honest i celebrated with the wine enough for a few people.  It all went down far too easily, and well, on Sunday morning my head was throbbing.  I lay around all day Sunday feeling sorry for myself. 

On Sunday evening me and R and my friend joined a group of friends at Tyrella beach for a campfire and singalong.  Hillspeak played for us as we sat around eating toasted marshmallows and enjoyed the scenery.

Brilliant end to a brilliant weekend.  

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