Thursday, 9 July 2015

Well well well

Its been a super long time from I have been here, whats been happening?

Well I have been busy with Viking stuff, you know me, I love my Vikings!

Holidays?  Yes me and R were away to Majorca and it was luvly.  Pics to follow, and a wee post about that!

Gym?  Well yes, I am still going, but really hit a standstill, so have shook myself up a little and am trying something new post to follow about that too (if you are interested)

Coming up....Vikings next weekend, Sunflowerfest at the end of the month, more Vikings next month (a week long summer scheme), more holidays to Majorca next month, followed by more gym work, before yet another holiday in October.

I know I seem to go away a lot and I will explain that simply, I go cheap!!

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