Thursday, 9 July 2015

Gym, what to do when it all gets just too boring

Well, the gym is going, but to be honest I am doing the bare minimum that i feel I can get away with.  We have a minimum target every month to hit in the gym, the first few months I was trashing that target, now, meh, if I hit it I am happy.

The calm before the storm
I need something else to shake me up.

So, I thought about what I want from the gym.

Do I want to be super skinny?  NO
Change direction then

Do I want to be fit? YES
Is there a reason I want to be fit? YES
Whats the reason? The Shannon boat journey next year

Next year the Vikings are hoping to row down the river Shannon, I want to be part of that.  It will mean daily rowing for at least a week, possibly ten days.

I want to be fit for that.

So I thought, how can I do that?

The obvious answer was starting to row more, but with tides etc rowing isnt always practical.

So the rowing machine it is.

I started only being able to do 500metres before I got sore, I have worked my way up to 1000 X2, (I have a break of two mins in between)

I want to keep working on this so that I can manage to row for at least an hour without getting sore and tired, so far its about ten mins, so I have a way to go.

However I have found that I work better if I am training for something.  Now I know in my head why I am going to the gym, I feel better about it.

I am focused on an end result, not simply cycling away for nothing.

How do you train?  Do you train for a purpose?  Or are you a lucky one who actually enjoys the gym?

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