Monday, 21 January 2013

January 21 2013

I was just on Facebook and saw that today is "Blue Monday", this is the day we are most likely to be feeling down.  When I posted that as my status I got a comment from a friend in the USA telling me how he always lile Mondays as he gets to hear from his friends across the Pond.  What makes your Mondays better?  Is there something that is guarenteed to cheer you up?
I thought about that for a while and realised that for me it is family and friends that cheer me up and lift my spirits.
I am lucky to have a brilliant daughter and a great extended family.  My new hubby is pretty cool too.  These people are the ones that lift me when I am down.  They don't even need to be in the same room as me.  I can think about the last thing they said to me, the last txt I received and that hug before I left for work this morning. 
I know that these things cost nothing but mean so much.
Today the good thing in my life is family, whether it is the family you were born into or the family we choose for ourselves, be grateful for them, use them when you feel down, look to them to make sure they are feeling okay. 
Mostly, just love them.  Tell them every day.  Show them every day.  Don't let them have any doubt how much they mean to you.  One day they may not be there.

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