Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Look back

I know everyone says that we shouldn't look back because the past is the past for a reason, but sometimes it is good to look back.

I think as women we focus so hard on where we want to go, and what we want to acheive that we sometimes forget to look back at what we have already done.

We think, I haven't lost that stone I wanted to loose, I still haven't got a boyfriend, my job sucks, my house could be nicer, I want better hair, etc etc etc

We forget to see that every single step we take along that road gets us further than we were before.

Yes I didn't lose all the weight I wanted to this year, in fact I only lost about 1/2 stone, but I did get fitter.  I can lift more weight than I could at the start of the year and I can now do push ups and am getting much better at pull ups (assisted ones still at the minute, but I'm getting there!).

I have made some lovely new friends this year, and strengthened some relationships.I didn't fall out with anyone.  So thats GREAT!

I learned new skills.  I joined the Magnus Vikings, so I learnt how to row a viking longship, I am learning how to fight with a sword and sheild, I learnt some battle training, I learnt some self defense/fighting skills, I learnt how to make a sheild wall.

The Magnus Vikings out on Strangford Lough

I passed my archery leaders course, and can now teach archery.
Archery!  Look at me go!!
I travelled a lot this past year too.  I went to America, to Portugal, to Majorca, to Scotland.
DunCarron Village in Scotland



The Caves of Draque, Majorca



I celebrated my second wedding anniversary.

I watched my daughter grow up and secure herself a permanent job, and thrive at that job.

I completed my first 5k race, then learned that I shouldn't run as I have problems with my knees.

I completed the Color Run.

I went to Sunflowerfest (the best festival in Ireland).

Facepainting at Sunflowerfest

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