Wednesday, 3 September 2014

There is no time like now, no better day than today

Thats it!

I have been FAR TOO LAX this summer.  I looked back at pics from last year and I haven't changed a bit.


I want to be fitter, be stronger, be healthier.

So I am commiting to exercising every day at least a half hour.  Whether that is a class at the gym, a workout with weights or a run/walk I will be doing something every day.

I am committing to eating better.  My diet has been terrible since the start of the summer and I can feel my clothes starting to get tight again.

I do not want that.

So from today I will be posting everything I eat and the exercise I do for the next four weeks.

It will be the kick up the ass I need to get me back on track.

Feel free to shout at me to encourage me, and to kick me when I slip.

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